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The Office of the Provost supports?the University of Chicago’s community of scholars, their shared ideals, and the?core values that make the University a singular intellectual destination.?Together with the University's deans, directors,?and department chairs, the Office of the Provost?shapes our rich and rewarding culture. We?provide?the opportunities, infrastructure, and resources that?encourage our faculty and other scholars to pursue their finest work.?

Faculty Handbook

Academic Appointments

Policies and resources for the life cycle of all academic appointees - from signing on to signing off.?


香蕉视频app免次数版下载Information about health and dental care, insurance policies, educational benefits, and other benefit plans offered to academic appointees through the University.


Leave policies for faculty and other academic appointees.?Questions about leaves may be addressed to the Office of the Provost.

Postdoctoral Researcher Policy Manual

A manual of terms and conditions relating to the appointment of postdoctoral researchers.

Retirement (Emeritus/a and Retired Status)

Information on emeritus/a and retired?status for faculty and?retirement options for faculty and other academic appointees.

University Programs and Resources

University programs and resources for faculty, other academic appointees, and their dependents - from vibrant arts programs to athletic facilities to childcare.?

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